San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant

The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is a well-known seafood destination that has been enticing locals and visitors alike for decades. It is located in the thriving coastal community of San Pedro, California. This fish market and restaurant has established itself as a culinary landmark on the West Coast because to its fascinating history, delectable cuisine, and energetic atmosphere. We’ll go deeply into the history, iconic cuisine, and distinctive dining experience of the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant in this post.

A Rich History

When the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant initially opened its doors as a tiny seafood market in 1956, it began a long and illustrious history. It has evolved through time from a little fish market to a vast seafood destination that draws seafood lovers from near and far.

Two brothers named Mackey and Tommy Ungaro had a goal to share their love of fresh seafood with the neighborhood, which led to the market’s humble beginnings. The establishment’s expansion and success were made possible by its commitment to excellence and client pleasure.

The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is still run by a family today, and the Ungaro family’s dedication to excellence is visible in every facet of the company.

Signature Dishes

The famed fish delicacies at the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant are what make it unique and have given it the reputation of being a seafood lover’s dream. Some of the special meals that draw guests back time and time again include:

The Shrimp Tray is a seafood feast that features delectable jumbo shrimp, a flavorful garlic butter sauce, and a variety of vegetables. It comes on a huge tray and is ideal for sharing with loved ones.

World Famous Shrimp platter: This enormous platter is definitely a show stopper. It comes with a whopping four pounds of perfectly cooked shrimp, garlic bread, plus a number of sides. It’s a decadent feast that the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant has made famous.

Seafood drinks: The seafood drinks are a lovely option for people looking for a lighter meal. These light plates are served with avocado, cilantro, and a choice of shrimp, crab, or ceviche in a tart cocktail sauce.

Fish, shrimp, and lobster tails are just a few of the seafood items available for grilling on the menu. These meals provide a flavor of the sea with a smoky, savory twist. They are grilled to perfection and seasoned with the restaurant’s proprietary spice blend.

The Dining Experience

A meal at the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is an experience in and of itself. The restaurant is popular and generates a sense of community, as evidenced by the lively and busy atmosphere. What makes the dining experience so unique is as follows:

  1. Spacious Outdoor sitting: The restaurant offers outside sitting with expansive views of the busy waterfront. You will have a front-row seat to the bustling nautical action of the Port of Los Angeles whether you are dining indoors or on the patio outside.
  2. Live Entertainment: The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant frequently offers live music and other forms of entertainment. It is the perfect location for festivities and gatherings thanks to the talented musicians and performers who enhance the celebratory atmosphere.
  3. A Taste of the Market: The restaurant is located next to a seafood market, so you can see how the day’s freshest catches are prepared for your dinner. You can establish a connection with the sources of your seafood with this unique experience.
  4. A great sense of community exists at the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant, and conversations with other patrons are frequently struck up. It’s a gathering spot for locals and tourists to enjoy delicious meals and pleasant conversation.


The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant in San Pedro, California, is more than simply a place to eat; it’s a landmark that honors the illustrious history of seafood cooking, family, and neighborhood. Its growth from a little seafood market to a well-known seafood destination is evidence of its dedication to excellence and client pleasure.

You may immerse yourself in the bright environment and mouthwatering aromas of renowned dishes like the Shrimp Tray or the World Famous Shrimp Tray as you relish their mouthwatering flavors. The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant guarantees an unforgettable eating experience that reflects the spirit of Southern California’s maritime culture, whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a visitor visiting the California coast, or a native searching for a taste of home.

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